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Would you like your auditions to result in more callbacks and bookings?

Are you ready to walk in to your auditions relaxed, at ease and inspired?

If your answer is "YES," we have the tool that can help you do that.

It is a simple fact: When you consistently walk in to your auditions in the right frame-of-mind, you get more callbacks and book more jobs!

The Personal Intention Series:
Creative Empowerment for the Actor

is proud to present:

The Audition Tune-Up

The Audition Tune-Up
(Available as either CD or MP3 Download)

What Exactly Is The Audition Tune-Up?

These are affirmations designed specifically to empower you, the Actor, by helping you to be in that "right frame-of-mind" more of the time.

Affirmations are statements that offer our subconscious new possibilities. When we say, hear and feel these statements, our vibrational frequency is raised, powerfully attracting the positive and life-affirming things we desire.

Done repetitively over an extended period of time, affirmations re-program old and negative ways of thinking, transforming them into new, positive and life-affirming beliefs.

Actors utilizing The Audition Tune-Up report being significantly more positive, relaxed and inspired throughout the audition process, resulting in an increased number of callbacks and bookings!

The Audition Tune-Up affirms your gratitude, self-worth and your ease and skill as an actor, helping you to align with your authentic, creative self and achieve the results you desire!

Your increased confidence will result in a relaxed, strong performance and the ability to leave each audition trusting you have done your very best work.

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Please read the testimonials on the right to hear what the buzz is all about. The Audition Tune-Up can help you achieve amazing results, just as it has for these actors!

Why Do I Need This?

As actors, we face the possibility of rejection every day and yet, we still have to bring our best. We are expected to always be on top of our game in order to succeed.

As we know through The Law of Attraction, we receive what we send out. If we are in a negative emotional place, we receive more of that negativity.

Often when we are in a negative place, it can be difficult to "pull ourselves out" and get back to the positive. The Audition Tune-Up offers you an incredible tool to do just that – Pull you into a positive emotional place in a way that is specific to you.

You can only truly be creative when you are in a positive, grounded and relaxed mental space. This CD gives you the words and tools you need to help you do this!

How Are These Affirmation CDs/MP3
Downloads Different From Others?

Audition Tune-Up is specifically designed with the goals and needs of the Actor in mind. Our experience in front of and behind the camera has provided a great deal of insight into the specific affirmations actors will benefit from.

Wouldn’t you like to benefit from a performance-enhancing product that is designed specifically for YOU?

So, if you are ready to have fun in your auditions... if you are ready to walk in to your auditions feeling relaxed, confident and inspired, then  CLICK HERE  to order your copy of The Audition Tune-Up, and try it RISK-FREE for 30 days! If you don't notice a difference in how you feel going through your audition process, we will refund your money.

I Have Heard of Affirmations, Declarations
and Mantras. What's The Difference?

There really is not a difference. Declarations and Mantras incorporate the very same principles as Affirmations. They are all forms of empowerment statements used to align yourself with the things you want. Whatever you choose to label them, these statements must resonate with you in order for them to work.

The Audition Tune-Up contains powerful statements that were created by an actor, specifically to actors!

Who Are We?

Matthew SolomonMatthew Solomon is a working actor, musician and Certified Stress-Reduction Facilitor, with several years experience running casting sessions.
In 2006 he developed Personal Intention with the mission of utilizing the power of affirmations to help people live better and feel better. His latest series of recordings, Creative Empowerment for the Actor, is specifically designed to address the needs and challenges actors face every day, providing them with tools that maximize their success.

We invite you to take this opportunity to benefit from Matthew’s experience in front of, and behind, the camera. Other actors have, and are experiencing incredible results!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us: 

Here's What Actors are Saying:

"I listened to The Audition Tune-Up before my callback for [a major studio’s feature film]. I was very nervous and was psyching myself out, as all actors do before a big audition. The Audition Tune-Up calmed my nerves and made me feel really confident.

The callback went phenomenal and I'm testing for the movie tomorrow and doing chemistry read! I'm going to listen to it again before my screen test!"

               Brittany Carson, Los Angeles, CA

If you are ready to have fun in your auditions, then  CLICK HERE  to order your copy of The Audition Tune-Up today!

"I had a producers read today for "Sons of Anarchy." Of Course I listened to The Audition Tune-Up first! I had fun, felt great, left everything in the room and I booked it! Totally Cool!"

               Michael Swiney, Los Angeles, CA

Are you ready to walk in to your auditions feeling relaxed, confident and inspired?  CLICK HERE  to order your copy of The Audition Tune-Up NOW!

"I listen to The Audition Tune-Up every day. I have it on all the time when I'm driving around town so that I will be constantly reminded why I love to act and how much joy it brings me. It reminds me to be grateful and to have FUN! I feel so empowered when I listen. The Audition Tune-Up helps you to show up and do what you know how to do – that's why they called you in the first place! It gives me confidence, security, and inspiration.

I also love that this CD has helped me to learn to feel complete at the end of my audition and then "let it go." I never knew how to "let it go before." I can now enjoy my audition and then move on without ever second-guessing myself. That is priceless!

Recently, I got called in for "House" and, of course, listened to
The Audition Tune-Up the whole way there. I was driving there thinking about how much fun I was going to have in the room. As I listened to and repeated the affirmations over and over, I felt an empowered feeling that was stronger than any nerves or anxiety I might have been feeling before. I was able to create a fun and creative space for myself before I auditioned. This helped me to be totally present. I went in, had fun, and it was done. It was quick and I went on with my day, grateful to have had such an amazing opportunity.
A few days later, I got the call that I booked it! That was icing on the cake!

I had already been given the pleasure of auditioning (I got to go in and be in the game).
And that had truly been enough for me. On the day of the shoot, I listened to the CD the whole way driving to the set!

Getting to shoot it and play with everyone there was so wonderful!!!
The Audition Tune-Up reminds me what a privilege it is to get to pursue this craft.
It reminds me that I'm good enough, and that's why they hire me! And by the way, I booked it!"

               Heather Sher, Los Angeles, CA
The Audition Tune-Up

The Audition Tune-Up
(Available as either CD or MP3 Download)

So, if you are ready to have fun in your auditions... if you are ready to walk in to your auditions feeling relaxed, confident and inspired, then  CLICK HERE  to order your copy of The Audition Tune-Up, and try it RISK-FREE for 30 days!

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